Banyango is one person, Kyle. He started making games back in the klik and play days and never stopped. A regular participant in ludum dare, and an avid musician. He believes in making character based games with a fun style.


Banyango games was born out of boring tax requirements. But the games behind it have been made with love for some time... Way back when, Kyle got his start making klik and play games, none of which seem to have survived the cruel passage of time. However since then Kyle went and got his computer science degree and has been making games that will hopefully stick around longer!



Selected Articles

  • ‘Doesn’t a game where you can only throw grenades gets boring fast?’’ As it turns out: No, no it does not!
    Pim Hoogeveen , "3..2..1..Grenades" review
  • Browser Pick: Pollinate alien plants with spores that run, jump, and die in xhon
    Paul Hack, "Browser Game Picks"


Kyle Reczek
Developer, Banyango